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Flux design and manufacture custom-made inductors, transformers and power supplies for the electronics industry.

Our expertise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of topologies, allows us to deliver solutions for the most challenging requirements.

Our world-class quality system has been designed to meet the most exacting standards, ISO9001, AS9100, Automotive IATF16949:2016, and ESA Tech Flow Qualification no. 364.

We are proud to present some of the solutions we provide, the markets we serve and our global references. Take a tour and see how you can benefit from our capabilities and solutions.

We look forward to hear your requirements and how we can use our abilities in order to make your products more valuable.








Release of ESCC3201/013 Issue 3

ESCC Documentation - How does it work?

ESCC Qualification and Domain expansion

Flux standard parts for Space and HiRel applications now available on doEEEt.com

FLUX Webinar - Hosted by Alter Technology - Video available HERE



Did you know that?

Flux has been a key supplier to the Space Industry since 1995.

Today, Flux is the world´s leading manufacturer of magnetic components for space applications having powered more than 100 space programs.


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Flux A/S Industrivangen 5 4550 Asnaes - Denmark Phone: +45 59650089 Fax: +45 59652120 E-mail: flux@flux.dk